Thursday, November 12, 2009

Progress Photo Friday!

First off, I must say that this has not been a very productive stitching week for me, Hubby was home from work on Wednesday for the Vetrans day holiday, and the day before that was my birthday, so basically all I got done was 4 hours in on Howling at the Moon, and a little bit on the second piece in my lamb series, which I have decided is my project for #4 on my goals list.

But speaking of the lamb project, I wanted to share the fabric that I will use to finish the quilt once the 5 stitched squares are done. The lighter blue will be the connecting squares between the 5 stitched squares. I'm doing a 9 patch, so the other 4 squares will be in this print. And the dark blue one will be the backing fabric. You can't see it, but the backing fabbie has sparkles in it!!! It is so pretty. This photo really doesn't do these fabrics justice, but I think it will set off the colors in the stitched pieces really well, and it all fits, with the Night time sky theme.

I will share photos of the lamb piece a little later this weekend or next week, that way I will have a "filler" post between these Friday photo posts.

This is the progress I've made this week on "Howling". Once I sit down with the needle on this one, it flies!!! If I keep up the pace that I have so far this month on it I don't see why I won't get page #4 finished!

Wanna hear how impatient I can be when I want to start a project? This is kinda funny! This piece is actually called for to be stitched on Navy background fabric, but Iwas SO anxious to start it, and didn't have any Navy fabric, so I started it on white and will fill in ALLLLLL the background color! That is what those two DARK blue streaks are... reminders that I could have saved myself ALOT of stitching if I'd just been patient and waited to order Navy Aida to come in, but nope! I now get to STITCH every square of background color in....Now that's loving stitching! LOL...Oh well, I sorta did the opposite with "The Abby", it calls for me to stitch in the background blue of the sky and instead I pulled a piece of light blue it works! =) Happy Friday everyone, and have a great weekend!

Oh yeah, and one more thing! I finally have access to " again! Yippeee!


Deb said...

Oh goodness, you are a glutton for punishment in filling in that background. But I have to admit that I would probably do the same darned thing. I hate having to wait around for anything. When I want it, I want it now. It looks great, by the way.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

great progress!

CindyMae said...

First of all, happy late birthday! Second of all . . . You are insane!!!! Filling in all that is just craziness!! LOL Gorgeous progress!

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - great stitching and progress!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your WIP is going to be fantastic when its all stitched up!