Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ornament update

I started ornament #4 in this "Let it snow" series of snowmen. I'm late in posting because I really wanted to get a bit more progress on it so here he is:

He's wearing a little coat and hat and holding a sign that says "Let it snow". He's adorable and can't wait to have him finished up! I've still got quite a ways to go to get to that point. But he's a lot of fun to stitch, so I don't mind. 
Hope you're all having a great week! My daughter started kindergarten this week... She loves it! She comes home exhausted but happy everyday. So I'm Able to get a bit more stitching in lately with her gone for 7 hours a day.  
Thank you for stopping in! See yah again soon! 


Katie said...

This one is too cute! Good luck. Glad your daughter is enjoying kindergarten.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

He is cute! Glad your daughter likes kindergarten!

Vicki said...

Kindergarten, how exciting. Going to school is such a huge milestone for kiddos. Two of my grandkids started Kindergarten this year and one is a 2nd grader. Of course, being an old pro at school she spent the summer telling them what they could expect! haha

gominam said...

Lovely progress. Keep on stitchng so you dont miss your little girl too much, she's having fun too, Lol.