Saturday, August 20, 2016

Autum Peace: Progress!

Last time I posted (Aug. 5th):


It's stitching up nicely! You can see the start of the trunk of the big tree. That was  (is) A boat load of black stitching!! Works for me! It goes fast, those huge chunks of the same color! 
I'm still really enjoying this piece so much! And I'm so excited to start seeing some of the branches and the trunk of the tree coming into play! 
Well I'm off to make some lunch. I think grilled cheese and tomato soup sounds so good today. So I'll make that and enjoy some CSI: Miami, then clean up lunch and stitch some more, either on this one, or my ornament. I've been on a big stitchy kick this past week, so I'm so happy about that. My stitchy bug bit me again!! Yay! 
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Thank you for dropping by! Also thank you for all the lovely comments you guys left with such kind words about my daughter starting kindergarten! She is really enjoying it! 
See yah again, in about 5 days! 


Linda said...

Great progress Lana.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Those huge chunks of color are like a reward for the nit picky stuff.

Vicki said...

Terrific progress! This is such a beautiful pattern.

Katie said...

Beautiful! You've got a ton of progress on this one!

gominam said...

Looking good! Happy stitching😊