Friday, August 05, 2016

Autumn Peace Progress

Last time I posted:

Where I got in the past 6 days or so:
I'm almost done with the first column. It's really only a partial column. If you can see where my needle is parked on the top  that's the beginning of the new page. 

Also! I think I've decided to crop this design and not stitch the whole thing. It's SO big (15 pages, over 75,000 stitches) and because I want this to be a gift for my mom, I want to finish it as quickly as I can. 
So here's the original picture:

Here's what I will be stitching:
So I've just chopped off the ends of both sides. I still think it's pretty, but less time consuming.  So! It's kind of a good thing now looking back, that I messed up and had to start on p. 2, because I'll be cutting off most of 1 anyway.  So it all works out! 

Thankyou for stopping by! I hope you all have a lovely weekend! See yah in about 5 days with an update on Sea of Roses. 


Vicki said...

It's going to be beautiful!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

It is so lovely!

Katie said...

Beautiful progress. Good luck with it. I don't blame you for cutting it down a bit.

Lillie said...

I doubt it would be any less pretty by cropping both ends. It will look stunning. I can just imagine the hours you will put into stitching and finishing this, it's definitely a labor of love.