Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two new finishes!!!

Well happy Windsday, as Winnie the Pooh would say!! it is so blustery and windy here it is driving my allergies crazy and ugh! I hate the wind!
anyway, I had two new finishes to share, so here they are! My snowman, finally done!!! I plan on starting the next one in this "series" it is a mitten and has a snowman on it as well. The background is a light blue color, though. It is really adorable, the only thing is, with this little guy with the dark blue back ground I had the navy blue fabric to stitch him on, where as I don't have the light blue for the next one, so the entire background for it will be stitched in. They are charted to have the background color stitched in but I cheated with this one, and used the dark blue fabbie since I had it. So the next one will probably take me a long while to finish to put in all that background color! yikes!

And here is my finished letter C for my Erica Micheals freebie mini samplers. I totally changed up the colors on this one, because I am not using the called for threads on these, i am substituting with DMC, so I am sorta doing my own thing. plus this one had little flags stitched in on the castle, but I ommitted them.
So, now it onto letter D for this series. I have also been working a bit on The Abbey, but not enough to share a progress photo yet. So, maybe in my next post.
I hope you all have a very stitchy week/weekend, and thank you for all the lovely comments! I love them. I am trying ot get around to your blogs and leave notes here and there, it is so hard to find the time, I am sorry! I probably have over 900 feeds right now in my google reader. But I will get there, I promise!! I usually just read the posts and move on, but I do try to stop in and say hi, and oooh and aaaah over your work!!!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Both pieces are wonderful! Great job!

'Berta said...

It was a Happy Windsday! Love the snowman...almost makes me wish winter wasn't fast coming to an end! But there are tulips to look forward to!

Greg said...

C for Castle is GREAT! Congrats on the wonderful finish. I am on B and keeping my fingers crossed I will get it finished this weekend.

natty68 said...

Love the snowman :) Congrats on both HD's.

I have the freebies saved and do intend to them eventually :)