Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Well, finally this lazy blogger is posting of recent projects Wow! So, first up is "June" My monthly Erica Micheal's freebie. I am close to a finish here...sorta. I have to finish the sandcastle. And I haven't decided yet whether or not to backstitch it. The pattern doesn't call for it, but it is very light on the Aida that I am stitching it on, and I wonder...can you see the sandcastle very well? I guess I will see when I finish it how I feel. Can you see that break in the blue outline in the upper left hand corner? I ran out of the blue thread at that point. Not like RAN out, Ran out, but just the thread length I had cut had run out, now I have a to cut a new length for what? 3 stitches?! ::sigh:: That has got to be my pet peeve of stitching!

Anyway, and moving on... the most crooked scan you'll ever see!!! Now if you just stand on your head and turn your head in a very peculiar may be able to make out Holiday Airing...LOL! Sorry the scan is so bad, but the fabric is so big and it won't fit in the scanner very easily. You can see that the barn is almost done...SO close, I've also been putting in some of the green of the tree line in the back ground there. It sorta breaks it up...Lots of red...and a little green...

So, there you are...I finally posted photos, now you all can see, I really do stitch, I don't just call this a stitching blog for no particular reason! LOL!

Schoolwork is coming along alright. Not great, but alright, at the beginning of this week I was about two weeks behind in my reading, now I'm right on track. I haven't yet begun this weeks assignment and it is due in 4 short days, but if I work on it a few hours a day it should afford me plenty of time to stitch, and read, and watch E.R, right? Well, wish me luck!


Cindy said...

Both pieces look amazing! Great job! I miss stitching so much!! I really miss it a lot!!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Lovely, lovely work there!

Carla said...

Great progress on Holiday Airing and June looks great too!
Good luck with your studies :)

stitcherw said...

Good luck getting everything done, you are going to be busy. The pictures looked ok to me, you've made great headway on airing, and June is looking very cute. As to the sandcastle, as much as I hate to backstitch I think I'd go with outlining it to help it stand out a bit more.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Great progress there Lana.