Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Abbey

As you who have been reading me for awhile know, I have been working on This piece for awhile. I started it the first of January of this year. Well, just recently I decided I didn't like the fabric I started it on, and have decided quite recently that I would switch out the fabric and start over, so the next photo is the beginnings of this new decision!
Last night I worked on it for a little over an hour while watching Gilmore Girls, which amazed me, since I hardley ever can stitch at night, but that I guess was because I had put my stitching lamp in my bedroom a while back so I would have good light in there while stitching in bed, then never brought it back out to the living room, and now that I have my little lamp back out in the living room, watch out! The needles have been asmokin' in the evening.
So, It isn't much, but it looks better now than it did when I was stitching on 22 count whatever it was that was so tiny my eyes were going cross eyed! I had decided to start it in the upper left hand before, which was all blue sky, and I was doing it one over one, and it was taking forever to do a tiny little bit. But this time I decided to start right smack dab in the center, and I can already see the house taking shape, which is quite a motivator as apposed to blue blobs. So, I am happy with my decision to restart this one!
I love Marty Bell. Her stuff is beautiful! I have a list of her stuff that I want to stitch day, one being Miss Hathaway's Garden. It is beautiful. But Very large, and detailed. Well, that is it for today. No more work has gone into Snow Valley Express. I need to keep crackin' on it, but when there's a project like The Abbey staring you in the face, how can one choose?! Hope you are all having a great weekend!


Cindy said...

That is a gorgeous piece. The progess so far looks fabulous. It always makes a difference when you can see it taking shape. I just can not wait to see more of it!!!

Barb said...

That is a beautiful piece. It looks great so far.

Faith Ann said...

Good decision to switch fabrics rather than let it become a UFO. It's going to be beautiful!

Mary Ann said...

Great start on a beautiful piece!! I look forward to more WIP pictures of it!