Friday, December 08, 2006

Not much

Not much stitching going on that is! I don't kno wwhy, but the past two days I have been not in the mood to work on any of my projects, so yesterday I started a new ornament, something I thought wouldn't take too long to do, and I wouldn't have to concentrate much on. Picking up any of my other projects have just seemed liek achore lately which is wierd. well, I DID put about 30 stitches into Snow Valley Express the other day, but that is about it. I guess that stint with The Abbey really killed my mojo! I think I may get it back today though, I sorta feel like working on something, but I am not sure what. Maybe Dare to Dream...? I don't know. Not the Abbey though, I am putting that lil' stinker (ok, rather large stinker) away for awhile, probably until the beginning of the year, after the problems it caused, it deserves some time out, right?! (Lets just forget that it was ME who forgot how to count and caused all the problems,not the project! =) It's still grounded!)
Anyway, I am thinking I will try to finish up the ornie I am working on now, and then I will post some photos. Today is my day off from work, so I think I will be doing quite a bit of stitching, it is perfect weather for it too! Brrrrr...cold! well, hopefully I will be motivated to show photo's later!

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