Tuesday, December 05, 2006

And moving on

It's amazing that even though I messed up ont he Abbey royally yesterday, I am still in the mood to stitch on it, and that is probably what I will work on today. I can do it! I can! I also need to work on Snow Valley Express as well. I started some christmas ornies a bit back, and they have gone unoticed for a while, I thought that maybe I would put some time into them. I got up extra early this morning so I could get some things done before going to work. (ie:"some things"=several different stitching projects worked on! =))
Last night after work, I was going to work on some stitching, but when I got home, my hubby was playing ont he computer, so I sat at the playstation and started playing Final FantasyVII. My husband is a gamer, he loves them and spnds tons of time with them. It is his hobby, such as stitching is mine. well, last year he picked up stitching so that he could spend time "doing something" with me, on my level, and so just this past weekend, I decided I would give gaming a try. I have always enjoyed watching him play, and thought it looked fun, but whenever I would try i would get bored after ten minutes and say "Forget this" and go back to stitching, but I am making an honest effort now, I started with "City of Heros" I have my own character on there, and then Final Fantasy XI the online one, I have a character on there, and last night I started FFVII on the Playstation. So! I am trying! It is actually sorta fun once you get into it. But of course I needed LOTS of help from DH to get me through my first mission. Well, I am off to get some breakfast and pick up some stitching, today I would like to work on:
-Snow Valley Express (2hrs)
-Christmas Ornies (1 hr)
-The Abbey (1-2 hrs, depending on how much time is left before work)
So, as you can see, I have a "very busy schedule" today. LOL! So, I better get to it! Have a great day, and I will show some progress here soon!


'Berta said...

So many projects, so little time in the day! Keep up the great work!

Mary Ann said...

I'm looking forward to seeing more WIP pictures!

Cindy said...

Can not wait to see them progress pic!!!!!