Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh no! Not again!

If you have read my blog for awhile, like since the summer, you will remember my talking of a girl who works with me, and who became a leech and wouldn't let go. Calling me 5 times a day and wanting to hang out,and just basically being extremely clingy. And I guess words' got out that I will be leaving my job here ina few days, about two weeks, I guess, and now! The phone calls are starting up. See? She switched to another shift, so I hardley see her anymore, and so it has been nice, and what not, she hasn't been calling me, or anything. so the other night I'm leaving work and I passed her, and she's like "Hey, come here. What's this I hear your leaving?" and then as is her usual annoying style she had to KNOW WHY and When and if I was moving out of the area or just quiting my job, and just everything, and I felt shanghaied! So, she tells me that her and her boyfriend are getting married in the summer, and I HAVE to go to the wedding, and help her with the reception! Woa! I don't even know this chic very well, she watched my dog for two weeks when i went out of town over the summer, and all of a sudden she acts like we are best friends. Anyway. So, last night she called me, three times! I never answered and the last time, she left a message saying for me to call her because she wants to throw a going away get together for me. Which I gotta admit IS sweet, but no, I don't think so. Then she will just think we are the best of friends again and all that hooplah will start up again. The thing is, she has the makings of a sweet person, but she is just annoying, and clingy! It's really unhealthy, and it freaks me out! Well, I gotta go for my post extraction check up at the dentist, so I will share stitching stuff later!

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