Sunday, December 17, 2006

Come back little mojo! come back!

Yes, for the past week this blog has been idle and I haven't touched hardley any stitching, none at all int he past three days. I can blame it on my new "hobby" and on my hubby! I have never been one that was into video games! I just never was interested, after about 20 minutes, that was that I'm moving on! Not so much anymore! He got me two new ones, ER, and Sims. I have spent so many hours on them both just since I got them! Yesterday was an entirely different matter though.
My hubby's older sister, three girls and hubby came for a short day long visit. They showed up yesterday at 4 in the morning, and then I had to work 10-3:30, after which hubby and I had to run and get some groceries, and then he went to the auto shop on base, where he tried to change our brakes, we got there at 4:30, the garage closes at 6., my inlaws were leaving at 7. So he gets the front two done minimal difficulty, then he starts on the back ones! Not so easy! and hour and half later, and an hour after the garage was supposed to be closed, we finally left without the new brake pads on the back tires. We had broken a tool of the garages which had gotten stuck in our breaks, while getting worked on and my husband looked like he had taken a dunk in a vat of grease! He was stressed because of the time limit, andof course then everything went wrong. Now the breaks are making a weird noise and don't really stop on a dime, at all. after outting the break petal all the way to the floor we still roll to a stop. All this right before we are supposed to be leaving for a 27 hours driving trip to California in two days! We get home finally at 15 minutes after 7 and my in laws had stayed to visit with me a bit and then they were gonna leave they went out to their van to leave and my hubby and her hubby were standing there forever just talkin' away (both military, so lots to talk about!) finally they decide to come back in and stay the night again, and they left this morning at 4. So yesterday I wasn't hardley even home and when I was, I was entertaining guests.
Today though I am off from work, there is no one here and I will probably paly a few hours of my games but for the most part I want to stitch. I have that craving to have a needle and thread in hand again. So, I will probably do that for most the day. I need to do some laundry and clean house a bit too, today so will probably do that also. But today will be a calm day. I think Rob may try to work on the brakes some more or find someone to do them, if they can't be fixed before we leave we may have to rent a car. Right now we are up in the air about the whole thing. So, anyway. Well, I want to show pics of Dare to dream and I will soon, but my house is sorta all in disarray because of having guests here, so soon I will share but not right now. Well, more later.

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Faith Ann said...

what a busy day you had!

Hope you got lots of stitching done today :)