Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And Christmas is on it's way!

Well, as I said I was going to start new ornies this past weekend, I did. I didn't think I would get very much done, but I cheated, instead of working on Fright Night Friends yesterday I worked more on my ornies. Bad me! Bye bye rotation! It is still Tuesday and Fright Night Friends day so I will just catch up today, as it is cold dreary and wet out today it will be the perfect day to curl up with a fuzzy blanket a stack of movies and Fright Night Friends.
But I do have photos of my starts.
I found these 6 cuties in the March 2005 issue of Stitcher's World. (Yes, it is odd that you'd find Christmas in the middle of the spring issue, but I would be guessing that for lack of better ideas they issued a Christmas all year long thing last year in their mag. So, every issue had something Christmasy I think.) Anyway, I liked these 6 and thought I'd start with them first for my ornaments. I was originally going to do them one at a time, start and finish, but I pulled a rather large piece of scrap aida for the ornaments, and so just used tail ends of color for the second piece. So, I am working on the santa face and the stocking. For the Santa, I basically just have the white in the beard and the back stitching to do, but the stocking has a long ways to go. I am so tempted to work on these little guys today, to see if I could get them done, but I will be good, I must resume to Fright Night Friends, Especially since I neglected them yesterday. Well, here I go to make a Cafe' Mocha and sit and stitch the day away...housework be damned! =)

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