Friday, October 06, 2006

finally! pictures!

Since my husband got home with the laptop, I have become encredibly lazy when it comes to scanning photos. in the morning I like to get up get my coffee and go sit comfortabley in bed with the laptop to read my blogs and to write my blog as well. So, i made myself come into the computer room to scan photo's so you can all see, that i really do stitch, I don't just talk about it.
First here is a photo of Fright night friends.
And at long last finally a photo of midnight Watchman, who is right now just a headless blob of color, but he is supposed to be a scarcrow. I think I may work on making him resemble more of one this weekend. He is the thing in the middle I think you can probably make out the blue overalls, and his checkered shirt, on the left the yellow is a corn stalk, and to the left there is a basket with apples and veggies in it. This is what he will look like when completed:
cute, huh? Well, my dog is whining ot be let out, so I had better get going. I will try not to keep you all in suspense with my stitching from here on out. more pics to come, I promise!


Von said...

Nice to see your stitching updates, Lana! Have a great weekend. :D

Jenn said...

Your pieces are coming along nicely.