Saturday, October 21, 2006

...and bye bye rotation!

As my title for today says this past week has blown my rotation out the window! I was not able to start my internship this week at the rehab center, because the lady who I am supposed to contact has either not been in the office, and has not returned my calls. This is making me very nervous. I need to get this done, and ...ugh, I really have no one to blame but myself since I put it off for so long. However, this has allowed for more stitching time, and I actually got a finish! I am done with the first ornament of the 6 that I am working on right now. And I am almost done with the stocking, I just have to finish the fill in on the heel and do the back stitching and the red backstitched line that makes up the plaid in the sock. And as you can see- have started the third already, I'm off from work tomorrow so I am hoping to get the third one at least most the way done and at least start the fourth. However, it being a Sunday, DH will be home and so I will probably spend much of the day helping him put up our fence that fell over a few days before he got home, so not sure just how much of my stitching goals will be met. So, I have been stitching a bit, but not a whole lot, simply because I am trying to be more disciplined with my lifestyle. When hubby was gone I turned into a huge couch potato, and now I have decided not to be anymore. I have done dishes and laundry and vacuuming, and cleaning and tidying up, and only allowing myself to watch two hours of tv a day, if that. I am making myself read more, and write more letters, and just live a more productive life. However, because I usually do my stitching while I watch TV, my cutting down on TV time has also cut down on my stitching time as well. I don't really mind right now, but you know how life is...sometimes you can't seem to stitch enough and other times you just set those needles down and live life. Right now I am just making a few changes in my life, which I think is also a contributing factor to my not posting as often this week. Plus the fact that I have been trying to get ahold of that lady to start the internship as well. Stress cuts back on my productivity! Anyway, I will share with you a progress photo of my ornies! Hope you have a great weekend.

ps...Bethann if you are reading this, I happily got your letter, and will write you soon!

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AnneS said...

Cute ornies :) I think we all go through moments when we either stitch like mad or can't be bothered picking up a needle and life goes on beyond stitching - hope you manage to find that happy balance :)