Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pictures and a tiny bit of stitching...

I am just realizing that i have never posted photos of Freedom, my puppy, the one we bought to keep me company while my DH was in Iraq. So, we got some film developed recently and though I'd share some with you.

Look at those ears! hope a strong wind doesn't come along and carry her away!

the second one is of her and my husband, on the day we brought her home. It was taken right outside the shelter we picked her up from. She looks mad! But she was shaking like a leaf, scared, that's all.

Ok, and that is all the pictures I will share today. I didn't really stitch much at all yesterday, between work and going to the hardware store to pick up some stuff for the new bed room set that we got this week, that my husband was putting togehter, then we sat and played CSI game on the computer for two hours I was beat. I did about half an hours worth of work on Love Joy Home but nothing to really write home about. Today I plan on starting a new piece...a Christmas ornie! My first one of the year! And I really doubt much will get done on it at all, so I may just pull the threads and fabric for it and that 's about it. I have to work all day, and since I am not an evening stitcher I don't plan on getting much in on it, but we shall see. Plus Rob is home and I can never get anything accomplished when he is home. well, i'm off to get started on my new ornie!


Faith Ann said...

Ok... I've missed a few posts... I don't think my blogroll is updating properly all the time!

1) Your WIPs look fantastic!! I love your Halloween pieces...I've been in such a mood for fall projects lately.

2) Love the pics of your puppy :)

3) Glad you're getting back into a normal routine after your DH's return. One of my coworkers is a military wife and she's described a very similar "upset" to her routine after her DH gets back...although she's happy to have him back, it takes a while for everything to get back to normal.

4) Good luck sticking with your new rotation!!

Jenn said...

Freedom is so cute! I'm sure in time she will grow into her ears. :)