Saturday, November 04, 2006

wow! can you believe it?!

It is Saturday and I am actually on the computer! I usually loose out when it comes to computing on the weekends, as DH loves to hog it, and well, he should as he works so much during the week, has very little computer time, so I don't care, but he stayed up late gaming last night and so he is sleeping in today. I just got done reading a bunch of blogs. wow! You are all so creative! I really love reading about other people's lives and what they are stitching. I always think of things to write and then I forget when I finally log on!
Well, only 6 more sleeps until we leave for our vacation. We leave Friday (which is my birthday) and we are driving to Houston and we will get a motel for the evening and then go on our cruise the next day. I am so excited! Well, I work this afternoon, then I have tomorrow off, and then I work four days and then! we are on vacation! Well, DH just woke up and we need to go shopping, before I go to work, so better get going.

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Von said...

Have a great weekend, Lana! Better start packing for that cruise. :D