Friday, November 10, 2006

Today's the day!

Last nigth at work was the longest 5 hours of my life! I just wanted my work week to be over so I could come home and start getting ready to go on vacation. we will be leaving in about 4 hours. I am so excited! Last night at work, when it was slow, I thought about what stitching projects I would take with me on my vacation, I know, I will probably not even touch it, but you know us stitching types, if you even think there may be a free moment to pull out your needle and thread, you take the stitching! And I have decided to take "Love, Joy, Home", and my ornies. I have three left to finish, but I am contemplating the last of the six, as it is a yellow heart with some sort of holly sprig in the middle, and it just isn't calling to me. I think I may not stitch that one at all. But I have a snowman head wearing a santa hat to do, he's cute but I am not looking forward to stitching all that white. (Stitching white on white is the worst!) and then one with little bird houses and a laundry line between them with mittens hanging and it says "Think snow" that one I started yesterday and I think I am going to enjoy it. I need to kit it up for the trip. My sampler is basically kit up already, so that will be easy to get ready and it isn't so big and so it is easy to take along. As will the ornies. so, there yah go. I also thought about sprucing up my rotation. I have given up on the fall pieces for this year, so they have been taken out, and so, I was thinking that I would put Snow Valley Express in it's place. I don't know. I will probably as usual, not stick to my rotation anyway, but it's fun to think about it, and plan.
Well, as I will be on the road for a good 6-7 hours today, I amt hinking there is a good chance that some stitching will get done! As well, as on the ride home too. DH wants me to drive for some of the way. Which is sorta freaking me out, as i hate driving, I have a phobia of driving, then was int he accident this past summer and the phobia has grown to monumental proportion, so driving outside roads that I am familiar with freaks me out! But we shall see. He said there are some easy roads, that are just straight and lonely so if it's not city traffic with lots of cars and stuff, I'm good. Straight roads out in the middle of nowhere? I can do that! but! (pout!) It will cut into my stitching time!


Mia said...

Have a great vacation!!! Enjoy yourself and don't worry if you bring the stitching and don't touch it. I do it all the time. It is just nice knowing it is there if needed. :)

Faith Ann said...

Hope you have a fabulous vacation!!

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Have a wonderful time on your vacation!! I'll be interested to see what stitching you do on the trip. I always try to take some stitching along, but I rarely get anything done on a cruise. Too busy relaxing, I guess. LOL