Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Well, yesterday I had to have two teeth pulled, so I was hoping for some stitching time in the afternoon, after the heavy meds wore off, but that was not to be! I was having too much pain to not take the meds, so take the meds I did and I was out like a light for most of the day, waking only to eat a little something and go to the restroom. I couldn't get up really, because everytime I did I would feel woozy, and as though I was going to faint. So, I finally just gave up and went into bed and fell asleep around 8 in the evening. I woke up once around 8:30 this morning to let the dog out, and then not again unitl 11:56-almost noon today! I have had quite a bit of energy today though, and have been eating quite a bit, I don't have hardley any pain, I only took 2 Advil this morning, none of the hard stuff today. i still feel a little weak, but I guess that is to be expected.
My dear hubby bought me my favorite movie: "You've got mail" on DVD. It was on sale at Sam's club afor 4.88$ He said it seemed like a great get well gift, then he sat and watched it with me today. What a sweetie! While I watched I actually got some stitching in, I worked on Snow Valley Express. I am actually doing really well on that one. I worked a bit on it before work on Sunday and afterwards too, and then today. So, I am getting really close to finishing page 1 of 2. Well, I am off to do my hourly warmwater/salt mix rinse, and sit down with Snow Valley for a bit.

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