Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lots and lots of stitching...

That is what I did yesterday. and I worked soley on Snow Valley Express all day. This morning I woke up and am having some pain. More than I was having yesterday. The pain is all the way up in my nose! Go figure! Anyway, so I just took some Advil, and am reading blogs and drinking coffee, while I wait for the coffee to kick in, then I will settle myself on the couch for another day of TV and stitching. In reality I just feel like laying right back down and going to sleep. I hate to sleep though, I have too much to do! Too much stitching to do, that is!(chuckle) I can't decide what project I want to work on today, will I keep on rolling with Snow Valley, because to tell you the truth, once I pick that one up, I just want to keep going. It's the just picking it up part that is so hard for me! Or! Will I pick up The Abbey? Another one that is on my favorites list right now? Ah what the heck, I have all day- I can work on them both, right? Pictures to come soon!

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