Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy birthday to me!!!

Since Nov. 10th was my b-day, and my mother sent me 50$, I decided that I would use it for some stash! These are two pieces which I have drooled over for a LONG time! And I was good, I only got the leaflets, not the entire kits, since they would have way over exceeded my 50$ limit! but, I got the leaflets and the fabrics to do these two:

Aren't they beautiful?! "Day Surrendering to Night" has been a favorite for a long time and then when "In Blue Angel" came along as a companion piece,I decided that ONE day I would have them both. They have been two of my all time faves for a long time, and I never thought I would own them. And pretty soon, I will! At least they will be in my stash, until I can buy the threads for them, and get them stitched. They probably will not get stitched for awhile, but IF I were to decide to do them, I would have that option now! I am so excited! Well, I'm off to put some more work into "Love, Joy, Home."


Anonymous said...

You made some nice stash choices, Lana!! Hope you have an excellent Thanksgiving!

AnneS said...

Great charts - they're both beautiful. Look forward to seeing a finish soon on Love Joy Home :)