Thursday, November 09, 2006

one more day...

Have you ever noticed HOW S-L-O-W time goes when you are about aweek away from going on a trip? I think this week has been three months long already! well, it feels like it has been that long. I still have 5 more hours left of work today, then tomorrow we leave for Houston! We will probably go in the afternoon. I was wanting to get a good early start as it is a 7 hour drive, but no-o! Hubby wants to go later in the afternoon. So, whatever, he's driving, so I guess we can leave whenever he feels like it, I was just thinking that it would make it easier for us to drive in the daylight, in a strange city, as apposed to trying to find our way in the dark, but alrighty! Like I said he's driving! So, let him conquer the dark.

Well, just yesterday I completed the third ornament of the six I was working on, and have started the fourth. I have not been much into my stitching lately, I used to be all obsessed about it, and wanting to work on different projects and such, now I just sort of plop down and grab whatever happens to be handy when I sit down to watch T.V. I think my lack of enthusiasm comes from the fact that I got all excited about the fall pieces and then I didn't meet my goals, so now I'm like "Oh well, whatever!" I will stitch when I want, but no more goals, or anything like that. Plus, I was hoping to have more finishes this year, and I haven't had hardley any! Lets see? There was my St. Patty's day bear, my valentine bookmark for DH, my Easter bell pull, and Nov. Quilt, which was the biggie! 4! that is it! and three of them are not even big, oh! wait, I just said I have completed three ornies, so there yah go! A big whoppin' 7 finished projects for the year! Well, the year isn't over yet, I know, and I can probably crank out a few more ornies, and I want to finish "Love, Joy, Home", but that is all I see in the near future! Maybe I should do more small things. I see so many finishes on everyone's blogs, and I just wonder hwo people do it?! Am I just the slowest stitcher on the planet? What am I doing wrong? Oh well, whatever, this isn't a race, I know! I say this just about every fifth post, I start to get down when I see other's finishes and here I am still slogging through my 8th (tiny) finish for the year, the only real accomplishment for the year in my eyes was November Quilt, that was my biggie for the year. If I can somehow get "Love Joy Home" done, there will be two large finishes for the year. Well, enough griping and complaining, I am off to go read blogs and enjoy reading about everyone else's accomplishments. I will try to post photos soon.

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