Sunday, November 19, 2006

hi again!

Well, I am home from the cruise, it was wonderful! But as with any trip I am happy to be home. And to tell you the truth, I did get a lot of stitching in, amazingly enough not in the car, though, but on the ship. We had so much fun! We drove down the day before the boat shipped off, and found our way into Houston. It was storming pretty badly when we first got into the city which made trying to find a place to stay for the night a bit of a challenge. I was trying to read signs, and the map and Rob was trying to avoid getting hit by any wacko city drivers. We finally found a Hampton Inn and stayed there, it was more than we would have normally spent to stay the night somewhere however, since it was my birthday he splurged. We then went out to eat at a nice steakhouse, then went to bed, since it was late by then.

The next morning we were up early and got some breakfast and headed to the docks. And got checked in early. Boarding wasn't supposed to start until 1 and we were on the boat at 12:30. So, that was nice.
We took off for our first port : Progresso Mexico, which we wouldn't get to for a day. So, we had Saturday night and all day Sunday at Sea, then at Progresso we chose to do horseback riding, and a day at a beach resort. Well, when we signed up we were all excited, a horseback ride along the beach. Yipppeee! Right? It lasted a whole 20 minutes, and it was more or less just a trail ride. Kinda boring. Then when we were done with the horseback ride, we ate some wonderful Mexican food, which was really expensive, and then laid around the pool, until it started to rain. Then we got back on the bus and was back on the boat by 2:00 in the afternoon. A whole 3 hours before the boat was to ship off for the next port. And let me tell you Progresso is not progressing! Not quickly anyway. There were like 4 or 5 little shops at the dock for us to look around in, but nothing much, So, we were sorta disappointed in our first port of call.
Our next one was the next day, Tuesday, in Cozumel Mexico. This one was MUCH better! We chose a Speedboating excursion this time, and THAT was FUN! Again...we got rained on, but it was fun anyway.

On Wednesday we arrived in Belize city Belize, if that doesn't sound familiar to you, the name British Honduras may, they changed the name and didn't let anyone know! And there we took a l-o-n-g bus ride (over an hour long!) to the jungle, where we rode inner tubes down the river. It was really relaxing! I was freaked out befroe thinking, ugh! What if there are snakes in the water, but there was nothing but these little minnows swimming about harmlessly. Then we hiked back to the picnic area, and through some ancient Mayan ruins. That was also fun!

Then we got back on the ship, and then spent another two days at sea on our way back to Houston. we got to relax quite a bit, as I said I was able to actually get alot of stitching done, and reading, and word searching! and I still, even as I write this feel like I am swaying up and down to the rythm of the rocking boat. We only had one rough day at sea, which was Thursday, ALL day long, the boat pitch and jumped crazily, but by morning, it was calm again for our last day at sea.

So, all in all, we had a great time! I am sorry I have not added any photos of my trip ont his post, but I will, I just need to have hubby show me how to download them from the camera. We took a ton of pictures, which I will put into a scrapbook eventually. I am still working on a scrapbook from the cruise we took over a year ago, in Jan of '05. Oops. But you know how it is...when you have so many hobbies, how do you choose?!

Well, I have to get ready and get my house cleaned up, because: Surprise! My FIL decided last minute he would come down and spend Thanksgiving with us! I don't mind, but he sorta just dropped it on us yesterday as we are driving home from our trip, so now not only do I have to unpack and do the mountains of laundry that you do after a trip, I need to get the house cleaned, which right now is not in the greatest of shape, and get the guest room and bath cleaned to top perfection before he shows up sometime tomorrow. UGH! well, I will write more later this week, if I get a chance!

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Welcome back - glad to hear you had a great time :)