Thursday, November 03, 2005

Happy November

Well, yesterday, DH and I had to drive three hours to Dallas to pick up his father from the airport who is visiting us for a few days. That meant...stitching time! I started working in earnest on a project that I started years ago, and I probably had about an hours worth of work into it. It is by "Designs for the Needle" and it is called "Natures Window" and It got stuck in my "to do later...much later" list, or pile. So, I decided to put it into my rotation. I have quite a few of those I started a while back (due to the starters bug that seems to hit us all) and have about an hours worth into and then forgot them, or whatever, and I have decided to get them DONE! So, I put it into my rotation. It is slot #4, I think, which means I am only supposed to work on it about 1/2 an hour a week. Well. I haven't worked my rotation correctly since I started it! I have worked on pieces in my rotation, but not int he correct order and not the right amount. See? That is the problem with me is I say I'm going to do a rotation. Then I set it all up. and I may work on the projects for it, but I get really into a project, and then can't put it down, so then instead of doing what I was going to do for the attended amount then I throw it all out the window! And do whatever I want anyway! Maybe I just need to accept that I am just not a rotation kind of girl.

Anyway, so my whole point was that I have this project in my so called rotation and I worked more on it than I intended. You know? Maybe i should just scrap the whole rotation idea. I think that is an idea, because I enjoy workin gon so many pieces, but at the same time, if i have 30 projects in progress, I will never get them done. I need to have a handful in the works then when i finish one put something else in. but then I alwasy wander back to my stash to see if something else calls me. ugh.

Today, I am going to try to stick to my rotation 1 hour for my focus project and 1 hour for my secondary focus project. but I know I will want to go off and work on soemthing else intirely. Oh why even bother? I think it is just hard for me, because my focus pieces are for other people not for me, and I have sort of abandoned the whole obligation stitching thing. so, i want to stitch stuff for myself. Well, guess I better go get to it.

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