Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I named my post that, because that is what i am right now. I am sitting in my house freezing away, I just turned the heater on, and I am hoping htat it gets warm in here soon! along with my coffee, and nice warm fleece blanket, I should be warm any minute now! the highs today is....55 degrees! Good Lord! Well, I shall survive, as long as I have a hot pot of coffee, and my big fuzzy blankets, I should be fine. Yes, and my heater. It is starting to heat up in here...

Well, yesterday I finished Ornament #7! And started #8 Goody for me! and not a stitch did I put into any of my rotation pieces! hmmm...? The week is slipping away! Before I know it, I am going to realize it is sunday already and I will be disappointed in myself for not having picked up any of the 5 pieces on my rotation list.

Today is my last day of my three days off, and I really should confine myself to my bedroom, with some good music and my stitching. But somehow being confined to my room sounds like punishment, and since Stitching should be fun, I don't want it to be a punishment.

I keep getting sidetracked, with my book! It is all Nora Robert's fault! If "Blue Dahlia" hadn't been such a good book, I would have been able to put it down and stitched. And I finished it last night, but now I am onto "Black Rose" the next book in the series, which I want to finish before the end of this month as the third and last book in this trilogy comes out on the 29th.

Well, so this is my last day off and I must make the most of it. So, I think I will get going on my rotation stitching. Maybe a day of solitary confinement with my stitching won't be such a bad idea afterall. Hmmm...?

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