Monday, November 14, 2005

On a mini holiday

Well, I have the next three days off from work, which is great! I can get lots of reading and stitching done. I have been trying to put some time into "Snow Valley Express" for my dad. Over the weekend I got about 1 and a half hours into it. Which is good, if you count in the fact that I am not truly enjoying this project much. I don't like the colors. It is too blah. It is a picture of a train int he snow, so there is a lot of grays and blacks in the train and the back ground. But I am making some good progress on it. I am hoping to get the 5 hours in on it I have allotted for it for my weekly rotation. With having three days off, I am thinking I shouldn't have a problem. Today is going to be a housework/chores day, and then I can totally relax the next two days. So, right now i have a load of wash in the washer, and I am going to vaccuum the house, and sweep the bathrooms, and kitchen, and tidy up the living room. I think that may take me a few hours, and then I will take a few hours off to read or stitch, and relax. I am totally feeling the starters bug, I got "cozy re-tweets" by Donna Vermillion Giampa a book with a three patterns of companion birdhouses and I totally want ot start one. Even though I know I shouldn't start them, and I should keep up my work on snow Valley Ex. or my november quilt, and if I need to get away from them, then I can work on the other three projects in my rotation. I will put this book of patterns away and not look at it again until I finish one of the projects in my rotation.
Well, I am going to go get on that housework, and then i can spend the rest of my days off relaxing, and stitching...of course!

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