Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Yeah right, alot of stitching- pooey!

Well, yesterday I was intending ot get stitching done. I got a few stitches in, my 7th ornament. However, any other stitching- not! I sat and read for three hours! granted, it is a great book! but my poor stitching. WHY do I always have the want to , but I never get it done! It is just like the rest of my life:
- I intend to do more housework
-I intend to drink less coffee
- I intend to drink more water
- I intend to do more excercise
-I intend to eat less, and not make a pig out of myself.
-I intend to do more yard work
- I intend to stitch 2-3 hours a day, especially those I have off from work!
The list goes on and on! Come on now! And like that last one should be so hard! I can feel the needle in my fingers, I have the itch to hold it in my hand and stitch, but do I? no! I sit down and watch another episode of Gilmore girls, which i have started to rent from Blockbuster by DVD. Or! I go online and fight with my impossibly SLOW dial up internet and read blogs ABOUT...stitching! But! Do I do it? Do I go running? Do I eat less? Do I stop pouring coffee down my throat as if this is the last pot I will ever see?! NO! I DON'T! sigh.
well, I supposed I can say I am off to do some stitching, however, I am really not believing myself at this time to want to do so, so I guess, i can say "Maybe" I am off to do some stitching, but who really knows for sure? hmmm...I will let you know!

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