Sunday, November 27, 2005

Very Stitchy Saturday

Well, yesterday i actually got quite a bit done stitchy-wise! I worked on the "Love, Home, Joy" sampler. I put an hour into that, and then after work, I worked an hour on November Quilt, which surprised me, as I normally do my best stitching int he mornings, when I am not so sleepy, and I got home from work around 10 last night, and sat right down with NQ for a good hour. Today I am hoping ot get more in on November Quilt, as well as Snow Valley Express, I am also hoping to work a bit more on prepping "The Abbey" (whip stitching the edges and pulling threads) So, we shall see how thi sgoes. I spent most of my morning so far reading. The third book int he trilogy I am reading comes out in 2 days. So, I want to get this second book done, so I can get the third. Well, here i go to make some progress on my stitching!

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