Monday, November 07, 2005

Happy Monday

Well, I am hoping everyone had a great weeekend. I had a rather stitchy weekend, myself. I actually got quite a bit done on my November Quilt piece for my mom. It is looking good. I worked on it for three hours yesterday. It is motivating me to keep it up. Why is it that it always takes me awhile to pick up a project, but once I do, look out! The needle will be a-smokin'? I wonder if it is just me that does this, or does this happen to others as well?

This week, I am hoping to get a good chunk of it done. I intend to get my 7 allotted hours in on it, if not more, not to mention the other 4 pieces in my rotation. We shall see if I can actually be disciplined and work on the pieces I say I am going to.

Well, yesterday, DH and I went shopping. He bought my wedding rings on Friday night, and we had to go to the store and have them sized and sautered. So, while at the mall, we looked around, and we spent quite a bit of money.Which I don't think was too smart, but I need to take something back today, because it is the cassette tapes of an audio book set, that I could listen to while doing my stitching, but I got home and the tape player in my deck is not working, so I hope they will take it back. I have my reciept. I was rather disappointed. I have had this great idea that I will start buying audio books to listen to while stitching,that way I can kill two birds with one stone, read and stitch at the same time. And this was my first attempt at doing so, and I can't even do it...yet.

I have to go to work 5 hours earlier today than I normally do, they asked me to come in early, probably to cover for someone, or for a mistake they made on the schedule. Which will be alright, I will get home early evening. and then it will be stitching time. Alrighty. I am going to go now, andf try to get a little bit of stitching in before It is time to go to work. I really just feel like going back to bed.

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