Monday, November 21, 2005

Yippee! New Floss-LOW price!

Well, yesterday, DH and I went to Micheal's, after my eye appointment, which went well. So, I go to Micheal's, without my floss list (gasp!) apparently the last time I went shopping for threads I took my list out and forgot to put it back into my purse! I always keep a spare in there, incase I am ever in Walmart or a craft store, and decide to pick up a few threads that I may need. However, I didn't have my list with me, much to my disappointment as Micheal's is having a sale on DMC right now 5 for a buck!!! So! when I told DH, he was so sweet, he said "Well, let's go home and get your list and come back, so you can get some." And then he teased me saying "Because if we don't come back, I'll never hear the end of it!" So! That is what we did! I got 50 colors on my "To get" list. So, I guess I will be winding bobbins for awhile! =) But it will be so worth it. Being in that store really got me geared up for the holidays! I came home and burned some Christmasy smelling candles, and turned on some Christmasy music.

AND! I got yarn and some crochet hooks, and am going to try my hand at crochet. Good luck to me! i also want to try knitting. One of these days! Well, I work the dreaded 10-6 today, so I got up at some 5:15 this morning, so I would have abit of time to doink around before going to work. I actually have some chores to do, like putting laundry away, that way when I get home tonight, I can sit and wind bobbins until I am blue in the face. Once again, I wonder where the stitching "Worker elves" are!

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