Saturday, November 26, 2005


Finally I have a happy dance! Just another aornament. It is a picture of a bear holding a sign that says Noel. The bear is wearing a Santa Hat and the sign has a red and white striped border. It is cute. Now I have to do the finishing on it. I am not sure whether it will be a lfat piece or a pillow type thing. hmmm...?

So, now I can concentrate on...ornie #9, and getting things worked out for The Abbey, and then also work on my parents two pieces as well.

I am starting ot get excited about Christmas. I watched Home Alone 2 last night. Just to get into the Christmas spirit a bit more, plus hubby put the tree up, so we will decorate it today. I am actually getting excited about it.

Well, I think I am going ot go read some then get some stitching out and get to work. hmmm...The Question is: snow Valley express? or November Quilt? OR! I can dig into the trenches of my stash, and WIP's UFO's and do something else entirely. hmm...? We shall see.

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