Wednesday, November 30, 2005

i'm relapsing!

Relapsing in my Stitching addiction, that is! which is a good thing! Well, last night I did no stitching when I got home from work, I did an hours worth on November Quilt before I went to work, and this morning I have put another 2 hours in on Nov. quilt. i think i may make it by the due date, in a few months.

Well, I have been having some bad pain in my back/ribs/lungs/heart lately, starting yesterday. I am not one for doctors, i hate them. not them personally, of course, I just don't like going, and my husband said I had to make an appointment to go get my back checked out! I took advil, and my back feels fine. My everything feels fine! If I don't have any pain by Friday when my appointment is, I'm cancelling, I can't see wasting my time and the docs time for nothing. He pulled his back out of whack the other week and did HE go to the doctor? N-O! So, why should I? I know it's just because I lifted something wrong at work, in a few days it will go away, I'm sure.

So, irritating!
Well, I think I am going to go back to my stitching.

Oh! Last night, I pulled all my WIP's out and made a list of the things I want to do for 2006. It's a pretty long list. I don't think I will finish everything on it. (That's positive thinking-eh?)

And this morning i made a wish list of all the patterns/kits I want. THAT is an even longer list than my to do list. So, we shall see what goes down for Christmas. I am going to tell Hubby about my list,a nd see if it strikes a chord with him...hint hint honey!
Well, off I go!

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