Thursday, November 24, 2005

A lazy but relaxing and fun day


Well,this morning started early, with us getting up around 7 this morning. We have decided not to start dinner until 5 tonight, because I was thinking about having a nice candlelight dinner in front of the fireplace, picnic style, with just me and my honey.

Well, I finally got all those new flosses on their bobbins and into their rightful spaces in my floss boxes. Boy was that a chore! But! I now have 50 new DMC's that I didn't have before.

Well, I have decided to use December as a prep month for next year. I will keep up my stitching on November Quilt, and Snow valley express, which I have finalized dead lines for both of those, (NQ= March 1st, SVE=April 10th) That way I will be able to get them off to my parents for their birthdays. (april 23rd for my mom, May 14th for dad.) So, I decided once and for all that I am going to start on "The Abbey" by Marty Bell on January 1st.I have a lot of prepping to do for it before I actually can start: pulling floss, putting it on floss cards, labeling the threads on the floss cards, making copies of the pattern so it can be marked on as I go along, whip stitching the edges of the fabric (I decided on 22 count white aida that I already had in my stash) and mentally preparing myself as well.

Does that sound funny? This is the first time I will venture into the area of more than 30-40 floss colors on a project, quite frankly I find it a bit daunting. I have never worked a pattern that was 9 pages long either. And I am not sure quite how I should start. Most of my projects up to this point have been started in the middle, at the center point, that way I am pretty sure it will be centered on the fabric piece,and not slide off one end or another. (As unfortunately in my earlier years of stitching this happened, and it sucks after putting so much effort into something to find you can't finish it, or your fabric isn't large enough.) But with this, I am not sure if I don't want to start in the top left hand corner, as it is page #1 on the chart. That way I can go page by page, instead of having to start on page 5, and work my way around. Hmmm...? I guess I have a month to figure it out. Hmmm...?

I also have figured out some other deadlines as well, of other projects that I would like to get done next year (2006) I have decided not to put a deadline on The Abbey, as I have never done one this large and detailed, I am not sure how it will work out. I may say by my birthday (Nov. 10th) I want to have it done. That would be ten months, if I start on Jan. 1st. well, I am going to get working on my 8th ornie right now, it is coming along quickly and I think I can finish it today, if I work on it the rest of the afternoon, until dinner, I think I may have a happy dance!


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