Sunday, November 27, 2005

I did it!

What did i do? I started the Abbey today! I know! Not good. I was going to wait until I had everything prepped and ready to go. I pulled abou t1/2 the threads needed, some I don't even have yet. I couldn't wait! I actually put stitches into it tonight. I started on page 1, or in the upper left hand corner, so that is what I finally decided. This project has something like 200,000 stitches in it, I think I have 20 in!

I haven't worked on anything else today other than prepping this piece and startin git, even though I said I wouldn't do that until the 1st of January. oh well. I got a head start!

I decided to stitch it one over one, which I have never done, I have always used two strands, but I have never worked on aida this small before! well, so far, that is allt he exciting news in my stitching world. Guess I am going to go get some more in before I head off to sleep.

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