Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I didn't know what to name my post, so I named it hmmm...? How original! Well, this morning has been really weird. I read for a bit, and I have done abunch of housework, clean dishes, so some laundry, but i have yet to pick up a needle. I want to , too, as I don't have to go into work until 3:30, I have most the day to do just that. I have been busy flossing bobbins, though. so, I have been doing Stitchy things, just not stitching itself.

Today is my hubby's thanksgiving luncheon at his work, and he wants me to go, but I was looking forward to having all day to relax, getting some work done around the house, and doing some stitching. I haven't decided yet whether or not I will go. I should, to make him happy, but I was really looking forward to having the day to myself, and getting things done.

My next day off is Thanksgiving, and that is all I get off, I don't get the weekend or Thursday and Friday, nothing like that, so is the life of a retail worker. Oh well, I got three days off last week, all in a row, too! So, I guess I can't complain!

well, I think I am going ot go to this luncheon thingy with dearest hubby-poo.
So, I guess I better get going. bye!

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