Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Well, I have not posted in quite some time, and it is certainly not because I am too busy stitching, even though I have picked up the needle again. I got in the mood to do some finishing. I made a few ornaments, and it got me excited and wanting to make more, so I set down and kept stitching on the little ornie projects I had picked out for this year, I have about 18 in all, right now I am at #5. You know? I don't think I will be finishing them any time soon! Just like my Halloween pieces, I wanted to have them done by today...didn't happen! I have been sidetracked by WIP's. If I could just shut them away in their cubby,and work on the things I need to work on,(like Christmas stitching) but alas I hear them bumping around and their muffled little shouts, "Work on me, work on me!" "It's dark and crowded in here, take me out into the sunlight and love me! I will look so beautiful on your wall, and the only way you will see me there is to WORK ON ME!" Yes, I hear them, and I succumb to their sad little voices. And my "need to's" get shuffled away, and forgotten. If only I had more hours in a day! Someone once said "I'm glad there are only 24 hours in a day, if I had any more I wouldn't have a good excuse for not getting everything done." But when it comes to stitching, I do wish I had more time. I know alot of stitchers who are like that! I mean, just look at our piles of stash. And we have ONE life?! Geeze, why couldn't we be like cat's and have 9 lives? Then we could get it all done! Oh well, enough about that. and moving on...

On the stitching note...I have picked up my needle and worked on an ornament, that had gone by the wayside for a bit, and I just pulled him out. A cute little snowman sitting on a sled holding a Christmas tree. He is very cute, and I had started him maybe about a month ago, and then set him aside for aforementioned WIP's that were bumping around in the drawer trying to get my attention(they succeeded!) and So, this weekend I decided I needed to work on him and try to finish him this week. So while I am doing good in that, my Halloween projects have suffered.

Well,tonight, I was at work, and it being Halloween, it was quite slow in the store once the sun went down, (at 6:30, might I ad- waaah!) and so I got to thinking about a rotation. Here I go again, trying to figure out a way to get my stuff done. I do want to be more systematic about my stitching, maybe my things will get finished faster that way. And I have decided to allot 14 hours a week to it, that would be 2 hours a day. I will have five projects in my rotation. It will look like this:
Primary focus piece= 7 hours a week (1 hr/day)
secondary focus piece= 5 hours a week (1 hr/work day)
3rd= 1 hour a week (1 hr on off day #1)
4th=1/2 hour a week (1/2 hr on off day #2)
5th= 1/2 hour a week (1/2 hr on off day #2)

I don't know if that makes any sence to anyone other than me, but I will do 2 hours a day. I will work on my primary focus piece everyday for an hour. My secondary primary focus piece will be worked on as the second hour of the days that I work 3rd in line will be stitched the second hour on my first day off from work, and the 4th and 5th pieces will share the second hour of my second day off.
Are you totally confused?
oh well, as long as I know what I mean, that is all that truly matters, right? Now all I have to do is figure out just which pieces are going to be going into my rotation. Right now I know Paula Vaughan'a November quilt from her quilts of the year book will be #1 because it is my mother's birthday gift, and I need to finish it! I was going to make it for her for Christmas, but I think I doinked around too long on my selfish WIPS that I don't know if I now have the time to finish it by Christmas. #2 will be my father's birthday gift, which was supposed to be his x-mas gift also, except once again, I think I have run out of time. Third, fourth, and fifth will be pieces for me. And I don't know quite just what to put in there. When I know I will let you know. But for now I am tired, and I think it is time for bed. Good night.

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