Saturday, October 15, 2005

Yeah right!!

Well, as it happened, I didn't get anything done on Kitten Love yesterday, that is because....We went car shopping! Yippee! We picked one out and did all the paperwork, and then we had figure out the insurence stuff, which we did and today I think we will be going back to get the car. I am very excited! Of course, I may not be, what with gas prices what they are, but at least we can get around a little bit. Well, I am thinking that today will be a good day to stitch. It looks dark adn cloudy outside. I wonder if it is going to rain...? Hmmm..well, I work this afternoon, so if anything is to get done, I better get on it now! That is why I am up at 7:30 ona Saturday morning. If I stay in bed then I feel like I am wasting my day, so if I get up early, then I feel like the day is longer for me, and i can get alot more done. Well, here I am off to work on Kitten Love. oh I do hope to finish her today.


Suzanne said...

Congrats on the new car! Post a pic so we can see!
Suz in VA

MysteryStitcher said...

Nice to know about the car issue. And I hope you can get the KL done. I am reading in the same order as you write, so my comments may look a bit strange.