Monday, October 17, 2005

Am I alone?

O.k. i have spent most of today cleaning house. It always seems as if after Hubby dearest has been home for a few days (ie: the weekends) I end up spending much of the day that he returns to work cleaning up and tidying up his messes. Am I alone in this? Do other housewives have this problem? I mean, most of it is just general tidying up, but, I feel like Rob has no sense of putting things away, or wiping up spills, or anything of this nature. Ok! I have decided- that's it! no kids! Cause they probably make even bigger messes than hubby. Nope, not unless he hires me a house cleaner.

Anyway, even with all this said, I must admit, I have found some time in between various chores to get some Stitching in, while watching CSI, which is sorta hard to do, as you really have to watch CSI, so I got more watching than stitching done. But, I decided after much hem hawing around that I would return to "Love Joy Home" a sampler using various shades of purplish/blues and greens.It is by Ursula Michael- oh, no wonder I like it! It was featured in the June issue of The Cross Stitcher Magazine. I have put five hours into it, and I started it September 26th, it seems like a quick stitch, though. so much for Halloween stitching once again! Oops. Maybe just maybe I will set this sampler down and pick up Fright Night Friends, and work ont hat a bit before I head off to work. Yes, I guess I will. bye!

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Cathy said...

Oh, I hear ya'. I have the two kiddos to clean up after as well, though, so I've gotten used to it now. I have that Love Joy Home sampler waiting to be stitched. I like Ursula Michael designs as well!