Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Laziness? Or just too darned excited?

I pulled out one of my older WIP's this morning, and realized I had not fully kitted it up when I started it. There was the Aida fabric and two lengths of thread, two different colors. I have probably about 2 hours in on this piece, before I set it aside and moved onto whatever fit my fancy at the time, and here sits this poor ole project unloved. I must have been very excited to get a stitch in on this piece when I started it, I didn't take time out to pull all the threads I needed or anything! I merely cut a few lengths of the colors I would need first off, and that is it! How unorganized is that? Was it laziness? Or was I just so excited I didn't want to take the time to pull out my color boxes and pull and cut lengths of the needed colors for the whole project? I do this often, and then find that later on in the project I run out of a certain color and am so lazy, that instead of pulling more floss, I set the project aside and there it sits, until I eventually stick it back in my stash collection once again, and then pull it out months later, and wonder why I had not been working on it, and then when I open the bag and realize why, I just go cut the needed floss, and get on with the project, and I wonder why months before it had seemed like such a chore to pull the floss in the first place? I mean it only takes a minute! I need to hire someone to pull/sort my threads for me, as it seems I only like to do the stitching. The prep part is just annoying. Especially when you buy a kit, and you have to sort through all those colors, and figure out which is which and whatnot! Who has time for that?! I want to stitch!! Not sort! Oh another thing I am horrible about is binding the edges of my fabric so it won't unravel. I think I may start just using packing tape or masking tape for that, as I don't have a sewing maching, and have to do it by hand. And, you guessed it! It just takes up way toooo much time! Ok, well, right now I am going to do the sensible thing and go cut floss for this project I pulled out this morning so I can get on with it already!
Happy stitching... and sorting and binding...ugh.

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MysteryStitcher said...

I understand that unraveling thing. It is the same with my needlepoint projects. I always have to stitch the outer border first to prevent the unraveling issue, so in a way I understand how you feel.