Thursday, October 27, 2005

getting over a slight stitching slump

well, for about aweek, I have had no motivation to stitch, however, yesterday I made myself sit down and work on the "Home, Love,Joy" sampler. And I actually feel like I want to stitch today, what on, I can't tell you, I have no clue. I sorta have the starters itch. I want to begin a new piece, however, I don't think that will be happening. I really need to fight it, and keep plugging away at WIPs. Hmmm... Well, It is early in the morning and I am going to go back to bed. I live 6 miles from an Air Force Base,and they for some reason enjoy flying their bombers over my house in the dead of night. It sounds like thunder! So, I decided to get up and do some blogging and catch up on reading some of the ones I enjoy reading. alrighty, good night.

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Gill said...

It must be awful living with all that noise!
I'm not feeling very motivated to stitch either at the moment .... hope you manage to get back into it soon.