Friday, October 07, 2005

October goals

well, I think I need to make some goals for the fall, and winter. I have been horrible about my goals this year. I have finished 4 large pieces, but after I finished Em’s baby samplers, I just have not been able to move on and put the time into my stitching that I did at the first half of the year.
So, my stitching goals for the month are:

finish cards #6,7 and 8
finish Fright Night Friends by the 15th
finish The Midnight Watchman by the 20th
Do at least 20 hours on mom’s piece
do at least 15 hours on dad’s piece

that is it. I know I can do it if I work on them every day, at least an hour a day. each piece. Yeah as if that will happen! I can do a few hours a week on my parents I guess, and work mostly on those dumb cards. I want to finish my Halloween stitching as well.

o.k. off to make some progress on my Halloween pieces. bye!

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