Monday, October 10, 2005

Well, I finally did settle in with Fright Night Friends last night, around 10. I normally don't enjoy stitching so late, as when I am tired I tend to make mistakes. But I just couldn't go to bed without having put any time into that piece. I have neglected it for so long, I don't think I had picked it up in a week or more.

That piece was designed by Christine Hendricks, and was featured in the September 2000 issue of Stitcher's World. I saw it while going through my stash and old magazines, and thought "I think I will do it." It isn't very big, will probably only be around 5x7 when finished, but it is a cute picture of a kid dressed up as a pumpkin with a trick or treat bag and a cat sitting on a fence, with a big crescent moon behind him. and it says "Happy Halloween" on it, oh how I wish I had a way to post pictures. (Maybe for my birthday next month!) This one looks very cartoon like, which is why I originally never thought I would ever stitch it, but I was getting in the mood for Fall and Halloween, and thought "Why not?"

Well, it's back to the needle, for some more work on "FNF".

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