Sunday, October 16, 2005

A happy dance!

Well, here it is: The new car! Thank you Suzanne for the comment! Yes, it is very exciting! It's not a bad lil car. I like it. Hot rod red! =) Well, I have a stitching happy dance as well! Kitten Love is finished! I finished her around 2 this afternoon,then me and hubby went for a drive in the car. It was truly a load of fun! So nice to have wheels again!

Well, now I have the incredible task of figuring out what to put in Kitten love's place in my rotation. To tell you the truth I have a "screaming rotation", as I have a hard time staying disciplined to work on what I say I'm going to work on at the time I say I'm gonna work on it! Alot of stitchers can stick to a rotation, where everyday they work on a different project, or they work so many hours on a project before switching out and working on the next one on the list. I have tried, and somehow it never quite works out! So, I guess the next thing in line will be the Halloween stitching I have to get done. Afterall, I have about 2 weeks until Halloween, so better get the needle to the evenweave, now shouldn't I? Hope you all have a great week!

Oh yes, me and hubby watched "Unleashed" tonight- REALLY good!

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MysteryStitcher said...

Heey, nice to know about the KL and that new car! Woohoo! I am happy for you.