Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Just another day

Well, it is Tuesday, there's not much going on, just a bunch of laundry and stitching on my Halloween pieces a little bit, not much only about half an hours worth of stitching so far. I always mean to do so much more, but then the phone rings, or I have to switch the laundry, or I notice the sink needs to be scoured, or...I'm sure you know what I am talking about. I always have it in my mind that I will sit down for a few uninterrupted hours with my needle and thread...and then! Before you know it, the day has slipped by, and your stitching is found sitting next to that easy chair or couch, where you had inteded to enjoy a long afternoon worth of stitching, but somehow it never happened. Well, with that said I am going to try to get at least an hours worth of stitching in on Fright Night Friends before I go off to work.

Oh thank you for the post Cathy! Oh and to answer your post of a few days ago, no we have not gotten Mr. Mouse yet, he keep skirtting around the trap we have out for him, this time, hubby put the trap right in front of the hole he keeps coming in at, maybe that will deter him...? Lets hope!

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