Sunday, October 23, 2005

New stash...sorta

Well, since we haven't had a car for the past few months, and was just able to get one, my DH told me that one of the first things he wants to do is take me to Hobby Lobby. which we did yesterday. I was a such a good girl, too! I only bought 30 skeins of floss, a few packages of needles, and a few stitch rippers, as I like to have one in each project I am working on, that way I don't have to go searching for one when it is needed. I bought no new charts, and no new patterns or kits, no new fabric, and now I look back and wonder...what was wrong with me?! Plus they were having a sale! I guess, I just know that right now my "To do" list is quite full. I have stocked up on fabric til i'm blue in the face, and for now all I need is new flosses. I am working on getting all the colors of DMC. Even though I need to be buying the colors needed for some of my "to do" list.

You know my biggest fear? Well, not my BIGGEST, but a large "fear", or concern? Is that I am a military spouse, and what is going ot happen if (when) we get shipped overseas? Will I still be able to find all the things I need for my favorite hobby? and will I have to pay an arm and a leg for them? What if I am working on a project and run out of a color, and they have discontinued it in the country I'm in? So! That is why I am tryign to get all the floss that i need, because that way I won't need to worry about it while I am over there. Plus, I have heard that in some places the post is really strict on what they will allow to come through, so it's not like I can call a US stitching friend and say send me this or that, how do I know I will be able to get it?

I know, this is a weird entry, but that is why I am trying to stock up on whatever I need, but of course I can't just do it all right before I leave, I need to stock up a little over time, or it can become expensive! Hmmm...

Well, so lately I have just been putting alot of time into "A country mile." and it is going faster than I thought it would. I am having a hard time putting it down. I think today I will go back to the Home Love Joy sampler. We shall see.

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