Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Can computers go online by themselves?

Well, last night was my first night alone for this week, as DH has to work nights this week. Ah, the joys of being a military spouse! He has war games this week. One night down and two more to go!

A very...interesting thing happened this morning. I was awoken by my computer dialing up to go online, (Yes, people, I live in the dinosaur ages, I still have dial up!) as my office is the next room over from our bedroom, and my desk and computer sit against the back of the wall that the head of our bed is against, I could hear it's whirring and whining noises as it was dialing up. It actually woke me up, and for some reason, thought DH might be home early. But why he would be on my computer didn't occur to me, and I jumped up to come check it out. The screensaver was going and it was infact dialing to connect online. I don't know how it did it. It stumps me still. And freaks me out. Hmmm...? I will be turning this thing off tonight when I go to bed, that's for sure!

On the stitching end of things. Yesterday I worked on Kitten love. I am so close to a Happy dance! I like this part of a project and hate it all at once, because you are excited for the finish, but then it doesn't seem like it's close enough. and I also have a love/hate relationship with finishes. especially larger ones, because while you are happy you are finished and can move on, it is like leaving an old friend. You have spent so much time together, and's over. ESPECIALLY if you have stitched it as a gift! Then it really is over! You send it away, and you may see it later on if it happens to adorn a home you often visit, but you don't get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

THAT! is why next year is going to be a Lana year! As DH and i have just bought our own house and moved in there isn't much on the walls yet, and I plan to change this! I have a pile of stitching that will be adorning my own walls, no more obligation/gift stitching for awhile. I have been stitching for 11 years,and in all this time, I only have ONE of my own pieces in my house. And that wasn't even supposed to be for me, but it got lost in some boxes and never made it to the intended recipient. So I hung it on my wall. So, I will stitch for myself from here on unitl AT least 2007...I think!

Well, have rambled on enough, thank you Cathy for the comment! And for reading my blog! I appreciate it! Hopefully by the time I get to "The Abbey", I will have a way to post progress pics. Oh, and I was a good girl! I didn't start it yet! I am going to wait until the first of the year, I think as I have plenty of holiday stitching to do.

until next time, Happy stitching everyone!

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