Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Marty bell's "The Abbey

Hey! I did it! this is a picture of Marty Bell's "The Abbey" That i was talking about a few posts ago. so, as you can see, it is very detailed, and so I am not thinking i will do it now, as I have so many on the go as it is, but it is definetly on my "To do" list. that is all I wanted to say, haven't done much stithcing I worked on "Dare to Dream" today which i looked all over for a pic of that one, but to no avail. However, I only worked on it about 5 minutes. I think i got maybe 10-20 stitches in on it. I am thinking that tonight is going to be a stitch night, as when Rob got home this morning, I laid down and took a nap with him, and so there went my day. Well, I'm off to get some stitching in! bye!

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