Thursday, December 08, 2005

YIPPEE! New stash!

Yes! My "I love Teddy" Kit that I ordered from Herrschners came int he post today! and the actual price tag was on it! originally $38.97! I got it for 7.99, plus shipping! (Came to like 12 bucks!) WHAT A STEAL!!!! Right now I am searching for a picture of it, on Dimensions webpage...O.k. it's not there, maybe there is one on Herrschners. It won't work, i will have to just scan it in tomorrow or something, right now Hubby is on the computer with the scanner connected to it. Alright, well, more later. I stitched about an hour each on Dare to Dream, and my Home Love Joy sampler.


BeckySC said...

Way to go...that was a steal :)

MysteryStitcher said...

Congrats! I mean that new stash issue. And nice to know that your needle keeps moving. Keep going!