Thursday, December 22, 2005

Yes, 8 more hours, then- freedom!

I only have to work 8 more hours today then it is off for the holiday weekend, until Monday at 2 in the afternoon. I am hoping to get lots of stitching in. DH went to Blockbuster and rented a new game so he will be busy playing that all weekend, I am sure, so I will have plenty of me time.Yesterday I got about an hours worth of work in on Dare to Dream. In about two more hours I will post a progress piccy.

I really appreciate everyone who is reading my blog, and who have left comments. It is so nice to know people are reading! Hi Becky!

Well, Alot of people are going to be busy over the holiday weekend, and even until after the New Year, so the posting on alot of blogs are and have been slowing down, which is fine, I just can't wait unitl everyone is back up and going again, I am sure there will be lots of reading about holiday cheer and hopefully some progress pictures, and stuff.

I have a question,and I don't know if anyone could answer it for me, but I was wondering about Julianna at Cross Stitch Ramblings. I have her as not posting since Nov. 13th, Did she move her site and I don't know? Or has she just not posted for awhile? I hope you're alright Julianna! Hers was one of the first blogs I got really into.

Well, I have to work at noon today 12-8 so I am hoping it goes fast. It is so wierd, that when you think time is going to go by fast is DRAGS, and when you think it is going to DRAG it flies!

Like yesterday I had a short 5 hour shift, and I thought "Oh goody, a short shift today, it should go quick!" Yeah right! I felt as though I had been there for a week by the time I got out of there last night, but the day before, I worked a full shift and time FLEW bye! Gosh, I am probably jinxing myself here, but I hope today is one of those days that flies by. I am so looking forward to my three days off to enjoy the holiday. I have no idea how I got so lucky, but I am so glad I did!

Well, I am off to stitch. I don't know on what yet, I am starting to get the blah's about Dare to Dream. I think it is about time to switch it out. But then I look at it, and think, "Oh I'll just finish up that one little section" and then before I know it I can't put it down! I am starting to get excited for next year, and all my new starts! I think I am going to be so busy with my stitching that when hubby deploys the time should fly by! Between writing to him everyday (2-3 times a day) and stitching, I should be set, plus I will probably go to California for a few weeks, and visit family and friends for a bit. I will have to make two trips, one to visit family in Southern Cali, and one to visit my "college family" in Northern Cali.

Well, I am gonna get off this computer and get going!

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Anonymous said...

Hi lana! just wanted to write a quick note, and say hi! I was on your husbands blog, and saw the link to your blog there, so thought I'd pop over. I like your blog as well! I don't know much about cross stitching. My ex Boyfriend was in the army reserves so I am more into the military thing, but wanted to check out yur blog too. Your husband seems liek a great guy,and faithful to his service in the A.F You must be very proud!