Friday, December 23, 2005

A new start?!

Well, I have to admit, that pulling out stash can be enabling! I have the want to start another new project! It is "Birdhouses of America Unite" It is a really easy stitch, or it looks like it would be. A bit smaller than some of my other 2006 "to do" pieces, It is actually sorta folk artsy, which I have never really been into, but have been looking at some things that others have been doing, and I am starting to get intrigued by it. So! I...made a working copy of it, and I will now pull my floss, and fabric, BUT! I will not start it! Yeah right! Who am I kidding?

I always find that when I am in a stitching slump, starting something new is a way to get back into it! so, here it goes! Oh, and I wanted to write that event hough I thought yesterday was going to go really slow, it didn't It FLEW by! and now i don't have to go back to work for...77 hours! alrighty, everyone, I am going ot go start this birdhouse thing now. oh that's anothert hing, I am really getting into birdhouses lately. Wanting to stitch them, I mean, there are already several pieces I want to do that have birdhouses in them, So, anyway, off I go!

Oh yeah, and Christmas showed up on my doorstep last night with 4 rather large boxes form my parents, FULL of pressies for Hubby and I! I am so excited! My mom even sent bags with stocking stuffers and she labeled one for me to put into Rob's stocking and one for him to put in my stocking! I am starting to get really excited now!

Off I go to get some stitching in!


BeckySC said...

Hi Lana :)
WOOHOO, you are FREE for 77 hours :) :) :) Enjoy that time :)

I collect birdhouses, and when it is not Christmas, they adorn my mantle and my bedroom :) I have some really cute ones, some folksy ones, some fancy ones and some homemade ones! :) I love them all :)

I will watch for a progress pic of your birdhouse may make me wanna pull one out to start-I have plenty :)

Oooh, pressies in boxes...HAVE FUN!!!

Merry christmas to you :)

Von said...

Have a very Merry Christmas, Lana! Sounds like your Mom has surely made it so :)