Sunday, December 25, 2005



Well, it is now almost 20 minutes til 12, and Hubby and I have opened all our gifts! We opened a BIG gift from my parents yesterday as they sent it priority/sign for mail. They got us....Cell phones! This is mine first ever, and hubby's third, but we haven't had the $ to get them and so my wonderful parents put us on their family plan and is footing the bill for a two year contract! So, now I can call home for free, cause of the free mobile to mobile, and It is so nice! now Hubby and I are going to cut off our home phone, and get Clearwire internet. YIPPEE!!! NO more dial up! My parents are the best! But that is NOT all they got us! They sent us 4 boxes with 6 large pressies for each of us, plus a box full of stocking stuffers!

I loved the gifts hubby got me, though...
-DMC aplenty! (50 skeins!) He is so sweet! He knew I had a list of DMC that I needed to get, and he found it and went out and got them for me!!
-Season 2 of Gilmore Girls
-season 1 of Dawsons Creek
-a 50$ gift certificate for starbucks! (I LOVE my coffee!)
-a 25$ gift certificate for Batha nd body works! (I love smelly body things, like wash, sprays and lotions)

Plus I got some gifts from some wonderful pen pals. I got a book of patterns from my friend, Beth! THANK YOU BETH! I LOVE IT! I like the colors on the black Aida!
I got some stationary,and good smelly candles from a pen pal in Australia! Thank you Heidi!
And I got two fleece sweatshirts with Eeyore on them from my parents! I have wanted a fleece sweater for a long time!
A plaque with a "To Daughter" poem on it. (From Parents)
A large package of different flavored gourmet coffees(From Parents)
A stuffed tiger that you can put a recorded greeting on it, my mom thought it would be fun for rob to put a sweet personal message on him when he leaves thsi summer.

I know I got more stuff, but those are the big gifts! I was so spoiled!

And this morning after we opened our gifts Rob picked up his Eagle stitch again, and so I pulled some of his threads for him, and then I started putting some of my new threads on bobbins, but sitting there watching him stitch got to me, so I decided to write here real quick, then go and stitch too. I think I will put some thread on the bobbins later tonight while watching one of my new DVD sets.

Sigh. well, I am going to go call the parents! and then sit down with one of my WIPs, and relax before it is time to start dinner.


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